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Community is Crucial for Surviving Parenthood

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Community is Crucial for Surviving Parenthood

Update: This was written in 2017. We are currently navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage readers to read this with an open mind in regards to how it can apply to your parenting today, given the challenges and struggles we are facing. Think outside the box. How can you find community to help you through in these times? What kind of help do you need? Will you have the courage to ask for it?

My children have grown and have flown but today I’m pausing to reminisce a little. Okay, truthfully, I reminisce a lot these days, but today I’m choosing to share my reflections with you.

I look back through the combined 68 years of being a mom to our three kids and think of all of the people who have helped and loved on us along the way. There are many!

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